We had two Amity Grandmas Conferences last week (May 2006), one after the other with 3 days in each.  In the first one we invited 30 Amity Grandmas from 12 orphanages in Jiangxi and Hunan Provinces. And the second one we invited 27 Amity Grandmas from 7 orphanages, such as from Wuhan in Hubei Province, Fuzhou in Fujian Province and from several orphanages in Anhui Province, plus those from Nanjing Orphanage.
  Besides the Conferences' providing the Amity Grandmas the opportunity to get to know each other, sharing experiences with each other, I have invited some child rehabilitation professionals from the local medical institutions to give the Amity Grandmas the training on the concept and skills of rehabilitation and special education for the disabled children.

Jiangxi Amity Grandmas in the conference


 Jiangxi Amity Grandmas in the conference

iOther conference attendees



During presentation

 Other conference attendees

  There were 14 Amity Grandmas from Jiangxi Provinces who attended the Conference.  They were 2 from Nanchang, 2 from Jiujiang, 2 from Yingtan, 2 from Ganzhou, 2 from JiAn, 2 from Ruijin and 2 from Shanggao.